What are we doing in the field of skin and body care?

  Massage techniques applied in our clinic

In our clinic, body care and massage techniques accepted all over the world are applied.   
  • Anti Cellulite Massage
  • Gua Sha Massage
  • Honey Massage
  • Vacuum Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Baby Massage
  • Pregnant Massage
  • Anti – Aging Face Massage Techniques
  • Myofascial Face Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage
  • Buccal Facial Massage
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Anti Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage is a type of massage applied to get rid of cellulite caused by nutritional disorders, sedentary life, circulation problems, genetic factors.

Cellulite massage improves subcutaneous blood circulation, narrowing the diameter of the vessels and allowing the blood to flow regularly from the legs. Thus, the reorganization of the impaired blood circulation, better oxygen supply to the cells and the removal of toxic substances from the body becomes easier.

Thanks to the special oils of anti-cellulite massage, your blood flow will accelerate during the massage and you will feel the warmth inside your leg. It is possible to get rid of cellulite, which is a nightmare for many people, by taking the support of exercise, proper nutrition and anti-cellulite massage.

Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha massage stone is a massage stone that was used abundantly in ancient China and used not only for the face but also for the whole body (those used for the body consist of stones of harder and different shapes). It is very relaxing with its acceleration of blood circulation and has many other effects in history. The reason why Gua Shalar is used especially on the face creates a natural botox effect on the skin and shapes your face. Gua Sha, which is applied in different regions, can be found in different shapes and sizes. When Gua Sha massage is done regularly, you will feel the difference of Day Medical on the face and other applied areas.

Honey Massage

Honey massage distributes edema in the body and removes arthritis.

It is good for panic attack diseases. It breaks the fat accumulated in the body and relieves chronic muscle pain. Honey should be liquid, fresh and most importantly organic. It is a complete care that gives vitality and health to the body and beauty and vitality to the skin. Honey massage is especially recommended for the treatment of waist and neck hernias. You can also get rid of your excess weight with regular honey massage.

If, during honey massage, a whitish mass appears on the body, this is normal. These are toxins thrown under the skin. Thanks to these toxins, there will be a noticeable reduction in your weight before your massage is over. At Day Medical, you can take a warm shower after the massage and support your massage with moisturizers.

Vacuum Massage

Vacuum massage is recommended as a solution to the areas where people complain the most about regional lubrication. Vacuum therapy is an effective method in areas where fats such as hips, hips and calves are collected and sagging occurs over time. With vacuum massage, it is aimed to separate the fats and break their resistance with the application of reverse pressure and to provide regional thinning by being easily removed from the body.

There are significant changes in the areas applied with vacuum massage such as tightening, sagging, acceleration of metabolism, acceleration of blood circulation, and shaping of the body.

Sports Massage

Sports massage allows stressed and tense people to relax and calm down before starting sports. The massage applied to the athletes before and after the event makes the athlete feel better psychologically, increases the sportive success and has a motivating effect on the athlete before the competition. It activates the lethargic ones.

The massage to be applied before the sports event should be done just before the competition. Since there will be the most tired muscles during the event, sports massage for the muscles will allow you to start the competition in the best way possible. Massage after sports should be started one or two hours after sports activity in order for the expanded blood vessels to return to their normal state. It reduces aches and pains in nerves and muscles. Sports massage applied in Day Medical also has an effect of reducing stress and tension in training and competitions.

Baby Massage

Massage increases the effectiveness of perceptions by helping your baby to better perceive his body and organs, and contributes to the development of his intelligence and senses.

Massage improves body functions such as blood circulation, breathing, digestive and nervous system through stimulation of the skin. It regulates the bowel movements by increasing the circulation of the babies who are massaged. Thus, digestion is accelerated, pain caused by gas is eliminated. In addition, physicians recommend massage techniques to the feet for babies with gait disorders applied in Day Medical. Our babies, who took their steps more easily after the massage sessions, made a noticeable difference.

Pregnant massage

Hormonally changing body structure with pregnancy causes pain and structural disorders in the muscles and skeletal system. It has been observed that massage performed during pregnancy reduces the symptoms of stress-induced depression and significantly relieves the pains such as joint and muscle aches that exhausted mothers. At the same time, the inability to get used to the changes in body structure during this period may cause back and waist pain, swelling and edema in the feet and ankles. It is a proven fact that pregnant massage triggers the hormone serotonin, which is the happiness hormone. Thanks to this secreted hormone, expectant mothers enjoy relaxing and relieving by getting away from stress after the massage performed by experts at Day Medical.

Cracks that occur during pregnancy are problems that can occur in the stretched skin. The body should be moisturized regularly to prevent cracks in the skin. Vegetable oils used during pregnancy massage also meet the moisture needs of your skin. Thus, you can prevent the formation of cracks. At the same time, it is stated that your birth is performed more easily by the physicians thanks to regular pregnant massages.

Anti – Aging Face Massage Techniques

Myofascial Face Massage

Stress, overwork, physical and mental stress cause health problems. It is accompanied by cramps, severe pain, impaired blood flow and metabolic processes in tissues, limitation of motor functions. With the myofascial massage technique, it is aimed to relax the fibers completely and the painful symptoms are eliminated.

Myofascial facial massage is a professional hand effect on the connective tissue (called fascia), not the skin and muscles. The features of this type of massage are the complete relaxation of spasm muscles. Myofascial facial massage at Day Medical is often compared with contouring or face lift due to its positive effect on the skin. During the procedure, the patient must breathe in order to relax completely, breathe slowly and the muscles to stretch freely. Massage is done with both hands in the direction of the fibers of the muscles, while holding the skin for resistance, the other produces pulling movements. Thanks to this method, the connective tissue becomes more elastic and tightens the muscles with beautiful relaxation patterns.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Facial massage along lymphatic lines applied in Day Medical will help to stretch the oval, provide elasticity of the skin and renew youth. This painless and easy procedure creates a youthful feeling without a scalpel and injections. Lymphatic drainage facial massage has many advantages. Lymph flow stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to the increase in natural collagen production, provides general normalization of the lymphatic system in the face, helps to remove swelling and edema in the face, puffiness under the eyes is removed, and skin tone uniformity is also observed thanks to regular sessions.

Buccal Facial Massage

With the different techniques used in buccal facial massage, wrinkles disappear, face shape is tightened, and the skin acquires the necessary tone.

The main difference from the usual facial massage is that the expert at Day Medical does manipulations not only on the face but also throughout the oral cavity. Thanks to such deep contact technology, the development of all large and small muscles is provided.

After buccal facial massage, the facial contour becomes clearer, it has the effect of smoothing wrinkles, reduces daily emotional stress, and you will see weight loss and slimming on your face from the first session. Skin Care at Day Medical

With ultrasonic peeling, the dead skins on the face are thoroughly cleaned with sound waves. Ultrasonic sound waves can reach the lower layers of the skin. An effective skin care is possible with applications that can go under the skin. In this way, a healthy skin appearance is provided.

Ultrasonic peeling adds shine to the skin as it accelerates the blood circulation in the skin. In regular skin care, it is observed that the skin tone is equalized, blackheads are removed and the skin is deeply cleansed. Skin cleansing applied in Day Medical is planned individually according to the skin type and age of the person.