Diagnosis with Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic x-ray is a detailed type of x-ray made for dental and dental health. It is an application that makes it easier to see all problems in tooth structure. At the same time, it allows problems in parts such as gums and jaw structure to be seen. It is also used as an auxiliary resource for diagnosis and treatment of the disease in these cases.

Panoramic x-rays, which play a big role in early diagnosis and treatment planning, have many advantageous features. Some of those; Thanks to the panoramic x-ray, tumoral and cystic structures in the jaw, impacted, decayed and crooked teeth can be easily detected, All teeth are presented on a single image and this is very advantageous for dentists, The most important feature of panoramic x-ray is the ability to make early diagnosis. Thanks to the panoramic x-ray, dentists allow patients to understand early that they may have a disease.
Many patients are afraid that they will suffer during the x-ray. Patients never feel any pain or ache during panoramic X-ray.