“All of the services we provide in our clinic.”

— Day Medical


Feel safe with our team of experts in
Ophthalmology for children and adults.


Ear-Nose-Throat Disorders


Your oral and dental health is entrusted to us

Nutrition / Dietetics

Experience the most accurate form of getting in
shape with us

Aesthetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics

All Aesthetic Operations


Coming Soon



Panoramic X-ray

We attach importance to the latest technology

Laser Epilation

We are very assertive in laser epilation with the
latest technology.

Beauty and Cosmetics

Methods that will add beauty to your beauty

Body care and Skin care

We apply all the care your skin needs in the best way.

Medical Laboratory

We apply all your laboratory tests as soon as

Day Medical is an establishment that stands out with its health units as well as its aesthetic center. By using our system in our center, you can make all your appointments, cancel when necessary or change your appointment time and date.

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