Home Health Services

Day Medical offers home health services for our elderly and patients who cannot go to hospital. For detailed information;
+90 552 676 18 19 or +90 232 484 19 20

Powerful Appointment System

Day Medical offers you the innovations brought by technology in every field. By using our appointment system, you can make an appointment from any of our experts on the appropriate day and time. You can postpone your appointment to a later date.

Online Doctor

+90 552 676 18 19
+90 232 484 19 20

Online Doctor Interview has been developed for our patients who need a doctor’s examination or treatment but cannot / do not prefer to go to the hospital due to pandemic or other reasons. You can talk to any doctor you want by making an appointment.

Our Beauty Center Will Offer A Quality Above Your Expectations

In our aesthetic center, you can have our expert staff have your whole body care. You can have massages, which are well known in the world and including Far East massages and medical massages. You can add beauty to your beauty with our beauty and makeup specialist. Day Medical will apply the most suitable of all aesthetic and beauty methods accepted worldwide.

In our clinic, you can make the changes you want to make on your body with our plastic surgery specialist. You can achieve your dream appearance in a short time, painlessly, most of them without surgery.

“We work miracles just for you.”

— Daymedical

Soprano Ice Platinum Laser Epilation

With Laser Epilation, you will have pleasant experiences while getting rid of unwanted hair on our body.

Soprano Ice Laser has almost revolutionized the field of laser epilation with the innovative technologies it uses. Soprano Ice Laser has been the most preferred laser epilation method with its effective and permanent results, painless, side-effect and extremely fast application. Soprano Ice Laser has now increased its power and effectiveness with its new model, Soprano Ice Laser Platinum with 3 wavelengths. Soprano Ice Platinum has taken the effectiveness of laser epilation to the next level with all the advantages of Soprano Ice Laser epilation, as well as having 3 different wavelengths.

  • The Power of 3 Wavelengths,
  • Painless,
  • Effective,
  • Comfortable

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ICE Technology / Ice Laser

Ice Laser has Ice Technology, which effectively cools the skin for a long time during application. The cold sapphire tip on the head of the Ice Laser device cools and relaxes the skin during application. The sapphire tip is icy cold when in contact with the skin and cools the skin down to -3°C. This contact cooling system increases patient comfort, making applications more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before, minimizing the risk of side effects. It eliminates the risk of burns and blemishes on the skin.

Painless / Comfortable Laser Hair Removal

In Ice Laser epilation, the head is in constant motion like ironing the skin. With this method, the heat that will destroy the hair root is reached gradually. This gradual heating method and advanced cooling system together allow for an almost painless epilation. Since the Ice Cap cools the skin down to -3° C, the skin becomes ice-cold, refreshed and only a slight heat sensation is felt during the application. In this way, a much higher level of energy can be used in epilation of deeply located hairs, especially in the male back and chest area, without the risk of pain and side effects. Ice Laser sessions are painless and take place in the comfort of massage with the feeling of coolness it creates on the skin.


  • Dental Health

    Dt. Ahmet KARAGÖZ

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  • Gynecology

    Op. Dr. Cem KINIK

    Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist
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  • Nutrition / Dietetics

    Gökçe Açıkel

    Healthy Eating, Slimming and Regime
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