What Are We Doing in the Field of Beauty and Makeup?

  Massage techniques applied in our clinic

In our clinic, body care and massage techniques accepted all over the world are applied.   
  • Dry Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Permanent nail polish
  • Prosthetic Nail
  • Shougaring (Sugar Wax)
  • Silk eyelashes
  • Eyelash Lifting
  • Eyelash Botox
  • Eyebrow Design
  • Manicure
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Silk Eyelash Application in Day Medical

Silk eyelashes provide long-term use by using the right methods in both summer and winter seasons. Silk eyelashes are a method applied in a detailed way one by one according to the eye structure. For bulky and dense eyelashes, the placement and size of the eyelashes are important.

Silk Eyelashes and Types

  • -1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D Silk Eyelashes
  • Mega Russian Volum Lash (3D-6D Volum)
  • Colored Silk Eyelashes (3D-6D Volum)
  • Kim Kardashian Silk Lash Application
  • Eyelash Lifting
  • Eyelash Botox

Dry Manicure, Manicure and Pedicure

Dry manicure allows nails to be made healthier than hard, dry and misshapen. The cuticle remover that enables healthy nail formation is applied to the nail area and waited for 3-5 minutes. Since it gives softness to this area, it is also easy to push the nails. Afterwards, the treated area is rinsed with warm soapy water. After this process, the nail polish preferred by the person is applied to the nails.

All tools used during manicure and pedicure in Day Medical are taken to the manicure sterilizer machine after the process is completed and disinfected.

Prosthetic Nail

Prosthetic nail is a technique applied on natural nails, which includes methods of strengthening natural nails or obtaining long nails. It is a suitable solution especially for people who cannot grow their nails due to various reasons and ailments, and also to complete the aesthetic deficiencies caused by nail biting habits in these people. In Day Medical, nails are decorated with Swarovski stone according to the person’s preference.

Permanent nail polish

Permanent nail polish application is a process that facilitates the lives of women who have a busy schedule, do not have time to apply nail polish and have a manicure, and generally prefer the same color nail polish. With permanent nail polish application, nail polish does not come off or deteriorate for a long time. A smooth, bright and well-groomed appearance is obtained. It closes nail defects. At Day Medical, we apply any color to your nails with permanent nail polish and make your life easier.

Shugaring Wax

It is a form of epilation made with a thick sugar paste. In the area where it is applied, it eliminates ingrown hair and sunken formation. It minimizes sensitivity by relaxing the veins. It does not cause sensitivity on the skin as it does not require high heat during application. The juicing wax applied in Day Medical moisturizes the skin at the same time. Thanks to regular application, although it differs from person to person, the time of hair growth is also delayed.