Welcome to Day Medical

Day medical is a health institution operating abroad. As an organization that has adopted the principle of quality and sincerity, it will prioritize satisfaction in its services. In addition to high quality service, it offers an excellent exfperience to our patients who do not want themselves.

Day Medical provides service with the firsts and the most modern devices in the field with its technical investments. We are proud to offer the best service with the most experienced doctors and healthcare personnel.

“You will feel at home while receiving the highest quality service at Day Medical.”

— Day Medical

Why Day Medical?

You will encounter a service beyond your expectations.

  • Quality Service, Comfort in Your Home
  • Superior Technology
  • Modern Medical Devices
  • Specialist Doctors
  • Expert Staff
  • Best Beauticians
  • Experience and Success
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Beautiful Faced Staff
  • The Best Treatment for You

Meet Our Experts

  • Dental Health

    Dt. Ahmet KARAGÖZ

        30th Year in Professional Life

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  • Gynecology

    Op. Dr. Cem KINIK

        25th Year in Professional Life

    Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist
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  • Nutrition / Dietetics

    Gökçe Açıkel

        8th Year in Professional Life

    Nutrition / Dietetics Specialist
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Our Medical and Aesthetic Units




Aesthetic Surgery

Nutrition / Dietetics

Body Care and Massage

Beauty and Cosmetic

Laser Epilation



Dental X-ray

Medical Laboratory